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About Marieke

and Voice!

Vocal coach explaining an exercise to a female student, big bright room with grand piano


After studying at the MUK Private University of the City of Vienna, Austria (diploma in solo singing and diploma in vocal pedagogy), I studied for more than 15 years with the well known bel canto teachers Laura Sarti, Wally Salio and Stefano Anselmi (including eight years on the spot in Italy). Through this, I have gained a sound knowledge of the liberation of the voice and it's anchoring in the body.

As a singer I have done operatic productions and concerts in Germany, Italy, Austria, Scandinavia and Poland. I continue to work as a professional singer, but am happy to also share my knowledge through teaching. Further info:

I love to help my students explore their own vocal capabilities, and delight in seeing what vocal liberation can do.



In your singing lesson I will help you to:

Increase your vocal range

Increase your volume

Improve tuning and projection of your voice

Explore the true nature of YOUR specific voice

Students come from all levels - beginners through to professionals.

The teaching is based on classical technique, but is not limited to classical singing, as I am open to the repertoire wishes of the students. The lesson has no rigid form - I always make sure that I connect with the student where he/she is at the moment.


Languages: English, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch

Singing lessons take place in the Lausitzer Strasse and in the Schleiermacherstrasse in Kreuzberg, as well as online (Messenger/Whatsapp/Facetime). Workshops are held at

Praxis Köpi, Köpenicker Straße in Kreuzberg.

Phone/Whatsapp: 0151-56106244

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